Submitting a New Claim


If you have been involved in a workplace injury, submit a claim with the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission and complete the following steps:

  • Report the work-related injury to your employer immediately and before you leave the worksite.  Tell your employer what happened, where it happened and the names of any witnesses;
  • Visit your doctor and inform him/her that your injury is work related. Your doctor will complete physician’s report (8/10)  or chiropractor’s report (8/10c) (primary care provider) and provide you with copies of this report.  Ensure that you bring a copy of this report to your employer as your employer must complete an  injury report - employer's (7);
  • Fully complete and sign your injury report - worker's (6). You may complete this form yourself or have a spouse, relative or friend help you. The injured worker has to sign the report.

When we receive your injury report - worker's (6), injury report - employer's (7) and the doctor’s  8/10, your claim will be reviewed by an intake adjudicator to determine if you qualify for compensation. 

If your claim is accepted, you will receive written notification outlining any entitlement you may have to compensation benefits (wage-loss benefits) and other general information. Your claim number will be the same as the one provided with your original claim which is your personal number.

If your claim is denied, you will receive written notification giving reasons for denial and outlining your right to appeal. You may ask for a review by submitting a request for Internal review.

If you prefer, the Commission can discuss your claim with your spouse, a family member, or other representative such as a friend, lawyer, MHA or union representative.  To ensure confidentiality, you will need to complete an authorized representative consent form (13).  This form will identify the individual(s) that you authorize to speak to the Commission on your behalf.  You may change your authorized representative at any time by submitting a Form 13 to the Commission which identifies your current authorized representative. 

For more information on submitting a claim see the Injured Workers' handbook under related documents.