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Labour Market Re-entry


The Commission provides injured workers with labour market re-entry (LMR) services when the worker is not able to go back to their pre-injury work or suitable work that restores pre-injury earnings.

LMR service providers specialize in completing assessments. The LMR planner works with the injured worker to identify suitable options that reflect the worker’s skills, interests and abilities. The injured worker is expected to actively participate and co-operate in the assessment. For example, they should attend appointments, provide information regarding work history and education, etc.

The LMR assessment will determine if a worker is able to return to the workforce and if they need additional skills. Where possible, the assessment report will contain a minimum of three suitable employment categories based on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system.

In consultation with the worker, the Commission will implement the option that most effectively provides the worker with the capacity to re-enter the labour market at an earnings level as close as possible to pre-injury earnings. 

It may  entail employment readiness services for workers who can directly return to the labour market. If a labour market re-entry plan is required, it may include academic upgrading, formal training, on the job training or a self-employment option.

The case manager will be involved throughout the labour market re-entry process and will discuss the following items with the worker and the employer:

  • Rationale for the assessment
  • Roles and responsibilities of all parties
  • Results and recommendations of the assessment report

Appropriate benefits will continue for the injured worker throughout the LMR process and all reasonable LMR expenses will be paid during the assessment.