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Workers' Duties in OH&S


Both employers and employees have responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace. This is commonly an Internal Responsibility System (IRS). For example, employers are responsible for developing safe work practices, providing adequate training, and making employees familiar with hazards in the workplace. Employees, on the other hand, are responsible for following the safe work practices, participating in the training and reporting hazards.  

Some of the duties of workers under our Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations are listed on this site and should not be viewed as a comprehensive list or a definitive guide to government regulations.  Its use does not relieve individuals or organizations from their responsibilities under any or all applicable legislation.

Workers' duties

  • Protect his/her health & safety and that of co-workers and others at or near the workplace; and
  • Co-operate with employer, co-workers, OH&S committee/worker health and safety representative/workplace health and safety designate, and anyone exercising a duty imposed under OH&S legislation.
    • Follow instructions and training
    • Report hazardous conditions
    • Properly use all safety equipment/devices/clothing

Workers' rights

  • Know about workplace hazards;
  • Participate and assist in identifying and resolving OH&S issues; and 
  • Refuse unsafe work.