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Rod Stickman


Rod Stickman ...Workplace safety's newest celebrity spokesperson
A new collection of workplace safety videos from the WHSCC take a hands-on approach to some key issues in occupational health and safety, told in the voice of a quirky character found in safety signage around the world.

The animated character "Rod Stickman" is a two-dimensional spokesperson for workplace safety, offering tips for workers and employers alike on sprains and strains, returning to work, improving communication on workplace safety, avoiding slips and falls, and working from heights.

The videos are part of WHSCC Newfoundland and Labrador's and WCB Nova Scotia's marketing partnership with the and WCB Prince Edward Island. Developed in consultation with actual working joint occupational health and safety committees and workplace safety professionals, the videos address a serious issue in an entertaining way.

They're intended to inspire discussion and action at the workplace level to prevent injuries, to help people get back to work when they are hurt, and to ultimately reduce the human and financial toll workplace injury takes.

Working From Heights
Returning to Work
Working Safely, By Design
Slips & Falls