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PRIME Highlights

  • If employers meet the practice incentive requirements, they can qualify for a 5% practice refund.
  • If employers manage their claim costs today, they can help to minimize their assessment costs through the experience incentive component of PRIME.
  • Depending on how eligible employers’ claim costs compare to their experience incentive range, one of the following will occur:
    • an experience refund may be applied
    • an experience charge may be applied
    • neither an experience refund nor charge may be applied, i.e., employers may pay the base rate only
  • Employers must submit their annual employer statements (as all three statements, if applicable, are required) to the Commission by February 28 each year. Failure to complete and submit these forms by February 28 will result in forfeiture of their PRIME refund(s). However, employers will still be subject to experience charges, if applicable.
  • 2014 PRIME results will be applied to employers' assessment invoices in early 2015 when their 2014 Annual Employer Statements are processed. Click here to see a sample assessment invoice.
  • Employers should always review all PRIME Status Reports they receive for accuracy and report any discrepancies to the Commission immediately. Click here to see a sample PRIME Status Report.
  • If employers are receiving their cost reports in the mail but would like to view them on the web, they can register for the Commission’s web service called connect.
  • If employers are not receiving any cost reports but they have claim costs, they should click here to access the Claim Cost Contact Authorization Form. Once the form is completed, forward it to the Commission to receive the reports.