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If employers want to save money and have healthier, safer workplaces, then they need to know about PRIME, the Commission’s employer incentive program. Under PRIME, employers can impact the assessments they pay by meeting their practice requirements under the practice incentive component and managing their claim costs under the experience incentive component. The Commission’s PRIME policies and procedures provide a detailed overview of this program.

Practice Incentive Component
The PRIME practice incentive component recognizes employers for good occupational health and safety (OH&S) and return-to-work practices through a 5% refund on their average calculated base assessments.  Employers must meet those requirements before they can qualify for additional refunds under the experience incentive component.  However, employers who do not qualify for their practice refund will still be subject to experience charges, if applicable.  
Employer Category:  The specific practice requirements for employers under PRIME depend on the size of their organization or workplace. The section in this site titled Employer Category will give employers the information they need to determine their requirements. All information and checklists contained in this site reflect the guidelines the Commission will use if employers are selected for a PRIME audit. In the event of a dispute between the Commission’s policies and this website, the policies will prevail.  

Employers in the construction industry: The Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Safety Association has an industry-specific occupational health and safety program called the Certificate of Recognition (COR)TM. Construction employers who are CORTM-certified may already meet their PRIME requirements. For more information about CORTM, contact the NLCSA at (709)739-7000, toll free 1-888-681-7233 or

Experience Incentive Component
The PRIME experience incentive component is in effect for all eligible employers. By managing claim costs today, employers can help minimize costs so that they receive the greatest experience refund or lowest experience charge possible. Each year, PRIME eligible employers are assigned a PRIME experience incentive range when their payroll estimate is processed and this experience range prints on their assessment invoice. This range is only an estimate and will be finalized in the following year when their actual payroll is reported and processed. The Commission takes into account payroll, industry classification, and assessments to assign ranges to employers.

Throughout the year, the PRIME claim costs of each employer are accumulated so they can be compared to the employer’s experience incentive range. An experience refund or charge will be calculated and applied in the following year when the annual employer statements are processed. If costs fall below the bottom of the range, an experience refund may be applied. If costs are higher than the top of the range, an experience charge may be applied.  A PRIME eligible employer who does not meet their Practice Incentive and reporting requirements will not receive PRIME refund(s), but will still be subject to charges, if applicable under the PRIME Experience Incentive.  Policy PR-02: PRIME Calculations  and Procedure 505: PRIME Calculations  provide a more detailed explanation of this calculation. The section in this site titled Sample PRIME Experience Incentive Calculations provides employers with examples of how the experience incentive is applied.

Now available online: PRIME Schedules (detailing your PRIME Practice and Experience incentive results)

No need to call or wait for the fax. With easy online access you can view, print, and save these reports and statistics at your convenience.

Employer web administrators in your organization automatically have online access. Find these reports under the heading Reports and Statistics. Employer web administrators can also grant access to others in their organization. If you need access, contact your employer web administrator.

The Commission produces a monthly PRIME Status Report (sample) for employers who have claims costs and who have requested access to their claim cost information. These reports include not only their monthly and year-to-date claim cost information but also their current experience range.

Employers should register for connect, the Commission’s web service, if they wish to receive their cost reports online. If employers are currently incurring claim costs but are not receiving any cost reports, they can request this information by completing and forwarding the Claim Cost Contact Authorization Form.  This contact information is required due to the confidential nature of claim costs. 

Register with connect

Lower your assessments through the PRIME experience incentive
Preventing injuries and managing claim costs can lead to lower assessments through the experience incentive component of PRIME. 

Remember, you must first qualify for your practice refund to be considered for an experience refund. However, if you did not qualify for the practice refund and your claim costs result in experience charges, these charges will still apply.

Your experience incentive results are based on your claim costs which can be found on your PRIME Status Report. This report is generated monthly if you have claim costs and a designated claim cost contact on your account. If you are registered for connect, you can access this report on-line.

Keeping your account information up to date is important for PRIME. For example, ensuring that your payroll estimate and description of industry is accurate will provide you with a realistic estimate of your potential experience results.

If you have any questions about the PRIME program, please contact us at (709) 778-2922 or 1-866-955-2922 or visit our PRIME website.