Practice Incentive 3


For organizations that are federally or provincially regulated

Injury reporting system  
Statistics show that workers who follow a consistent process following an injury usually recover from the injury and ultimately return to the workplace earlier.  

An injury reporting system is a mechanism that provides clear and consistent direction and information to workers following a work-related injury.  It can be in the form of a poster, policy or procedure.  It is a step-by-step guide that outlines the roles and responsibilities of both the employer and worker after the injury has occurred. 

The response to the injury should be immediate and appropriate to the severity of the injury. The employer must ensure the injured worker gets appropriate medical care and must transport him or her to that care.

How should the injury/incident be reported?
All accidents/incidents should be reported immediately to a person(s) designated by the employer.  Injuries that result in lost time or require treatment from a medical professional must also be reported to the Commission.

Paper or online copies of the Commission’s Forms 6 and 7, along with paper or online copies of the early and safe return-to-work plan forms, must be kept at all workplaces.

When a worker loses time from work beyond the day of the injury and/or needs accommodation to return to work, the employer and the worker together must develop an early and safe return-to-work plan. They must complete a plan form and submit it to the Commission within five days of receiving the worker’s functional abilities information, which has been provided by the health care provider on the Commission’s Physicians report (8/10), or Chiropractor’s report (8-10c).

Failure to report an injury to the Commission within 72 hours may result in a financial penalty to the employer. There are no penalties to workers; however, wage loss benefits will not be provided to the worker without a form.

The best way to communicate the injury reporting system is to develop an injury reporting poster and post it at all workplaces.  See sample posters in Related Documents.

In addition, federally regulated workplaces have reporting and investigation requirements in cases of work-related injuries or illnesses. A copy of the “Hazardous Occurrence Investigation Reportform can be found on the Human Resources and Social Development web site.


Practice Incentive Criteria #3 is a requirement for all employers.

Your checklist for this criteria:
If you can answer “yes” to the following questions and can present evidence to support your responses in an audit, you have met Practice Incentive criteria #3.

  • Do you have an injury reporting system that:
    • Outlines the steps to be taken following an injury?
    • Includes the names of designated persons to whom injuries must be reported?
    • Includes a reference to how the employer will transport an injured worker from the workplace to appropriate medical care as per section 87 of the WHSC Act?
    • References the requirement to submit the appropriate forms to the Commission?
    • References the process for an injured worker to return the employer’s copy of the Physician’s Report of Injury (8/10) or Chiropractor’s Report of Injury (8/10c) to the employer?
    • Is communicated to all employees?
  • Do you keep paper or online copies of current Worker’s Report of Injury (6) and Employer’s Report of Injury (7) at all workplaces?
  • Do you keep paper or online copies of the Commission’s early and safe return-to-work plan or alternate forms acceptable to the Commission at all workplaces?