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Some of the material presented in this TOOL BOX are SAMPLES ONLY, based on best practices, and in some cases, may exceed the minimum requirements of PRIME.

Policy Statements

PRIME Audit Templates

Employers who receive rebates under the PRIME incentive program will have a validation audit referred to as a PRIME audit conducted by a Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission (the Commission) Safety Advisor, to ensure ALL criteria is met for the applicable year. The templates below are used during the PRIME audit process. Employers are encouraged to review these templates in advance of an audit. These templates provide a list of questions and the applicable criteria that will be considered.  If you have any questions regarding these audit templates contact a PRIME advisor(s) at 778-1552.

  • Small: At each of your workplaces, you employ:
    • Fewer than 10 workers (provincially-regulated employers)
    • Fewer than 20 workers (federally-regulated employers)
    • Your organization pays less than $48,000 in average base assessments

***No Committee or Representative Required (NCRR) employers are required to comply with the requirements set out in questions 1 and 4 of the small audit template.

  • Medium: At each of your workplaces, you employ:
    • 10 or more workers (provincially-regulated employers
    • 20 or more workers (federally-regulated employers)
    • Your organization pays less than $48,000 in average base assessments
  • Large: At each of your workplaces, you employ: 
    • 10 or more workers (provincially-regulated employers)
    • 20 or more workers (federally-regulated employers)
    • Your organization pays more than $48,000 in average base assessments

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

An OH&S committee is an advisory group made up of representatives from management and workers. The committee provides a forum for communication between the employer and the worker to address health and safety concerns in the workplace. In an effort to reduce workplace accidents/incidents and injuries, committees identify and evaluate concerns, make recommendations for corrective action and promote health and safety in the workplace. Committees are a legislated requirement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

REQUIREMENTS for an Occupational Health and Safety committee:

  • A workplace having 10 or more workers must have an OH&S Committee
  • A firm that has more than one workplace (i.e. Retail Company with stores across the province, school board with schools across a district, etc.) must have a separate committee for each location if the number of workers at each location is 10 or more
  • The committee may consist of two to 12 (2-12) members
  • At least half the members shall be elected by workers
  • The other members shall be appointed by the employer
  • The committee is to have two (2) co-chairs – one representing management and the other representing workers
  • A list of committee members shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the workplace
  • Committee meetings shall be held every three months and during work hours as part of the job
  • Minutes of meetings are to be posted in the workplace and a copy forwarded to Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission (the Commission) on the prescribed OH&S Committee meeting minute form
  • The committee shall participate in workplace inspections
  • Committee members are to be trained according to legislative requirements

Employers are required to provide training for the committee members as outlined below:

  • Workplaces with less than 10 workers shall provide training for a Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) representative
  • Workplaces with less than six persons shall provide training for a WH&S designate when applicable
  • Workplaces with 10 - 49 workers shall provide training for the OH&S committee co-chairs
  • Workplaces with 50 or more workers shall provide training for all OH&S committee members
  • The training provider must be approved by the Commission

Employers are required to pay for the training and compensate a worker for participating in training as if the training were regular work. Once completed, the Commission will issue a certificate to the participant. 

As well, the Commission has two OH&S Committee Co-ordinators on staff that is available to assist employers and committees with any questions/concerns that they may have surrounding OH&S Committees. Please contact the Commission at: 709-778-1000 if you require the services of the co-ordinators.  

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Need Training?
If you need OH&S training for your OH&S committee or worker health and safety representative/designate in order to meet your PRIME requirements, please check with the training provider in your area. If there is no training scheduled for the remainder of the year, email the provider to indicate your interest and send a copy of your email to We’ll work with that provider to see if your request can be met.