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Practice Incentive 5


For organizations that are federally or provincially regulated

A return-to-work program (foundation)
A return-to-work program is required for all employers who pay $48,000 or more in average base assessments to the Commission when first eligible for PRIME.

A return-to-work program is a documented process for communication and action in the event of a work-related injury.  The program will facilitate an injured worker’s recovery and return to work as early and safely as possible in accordance with legislative and workplace requirements.  A well-designed return-to-work program may be used for all injuries regardless of their source.

In addition to Practice Incentive criteria 1, 2, 3 and 4, large employers (as defined above) must establish the foundation of a return-to-work program in order to qualify for a Practice Incentive refund.

Your checklist for Practice Incentive criteria #5:

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions and can present evidence to support your responses in the event of an audit, you have met Practice Incentive criteria #5. You must also have a return-to-work policy (Practice Incentive criteria #1) and an injury reporting system (Practice Incentive criteria #3) in place as part of your return-to-work program.
  • Planning: Do you have a written protocol in place that outlines the steps to be followed from the time of an injury to the completion of return to work for an injured worker?
  • Documentation: Do you have policies and/or procedures that:
    (A) provide written confirmation of the position that the organization will take on return-to-work issues?
    (B) establish guides for addressing accommodation issues?
    (C) detail the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of the parties involved in the return-to-work program as outlined in your return-to-work policy statement?
  • Joint Mechanism for Consultation: Do you have a mechanism in place that provides for joint and meaningful consultation on your return-to-work program and complex return-to-work issues between management and employees?
  • Evaluation: Do you annually evaluate your return-to-work program in joint and meaningful consultation between management and employees?
  • Communication: Do you annually communicate the outcomes and benefits associated with your return-to-work program in joint and meaningful consultation between management and employees?