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Practice Incentive 4


For organizations that are federally or provincially regulated

An occupational health and safety program (foundation)
The number of workers at an employer’s workplace determines if an OH&S program is required. For the purposes of PRIME, all provincially-regulated employers that have 10 or more workers and all federally-regulated employers that have 20 or more workers at one or more workplaces must have the foundation of an OH&S program in place.

Employers’ participation in an OH&S program is critical to its success. By developing a program, employers demonstrate they are serious about preventing illness and injury in the workplace and are committed to the well being of their workers. Proactive employers realize that safety, quality, cost, productivity and profit all go hand-in-hand.

Under provincial legislation, the Department of Government Services, Occupational Health and Safety Branch, may require you to have a more extensive OH&S program; however, for the purposes of PRIME, you are required only to meet the requirements noted below. These requirements are explained further throughout this grey section.

In addition to Practice Incentive criteria 1, 2 and 3, medium and large employers (as defined above) must establish the foundation of an OH&S program in order to qualify for a Practice Incentive refund. 

Your checklist for Practice Incentive criteria #4:

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions and can present evidence to support your responses in the event of an audit, you have met Practice Incentive criteria #4 and can go to Practice Incentive criteria #5  

OH&S Program Requirements