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Traffic Control Person Certification Training




All flag persons – or traffic control persons (TCP) – in Newfoundland and Labrador are now required to complete a TCP training course approved by WorkplaceNL.  

Proper traffic control is critical for the safety of workers, drivers and the general public. Without training by a WorkplaceNL approved training provider, workers are not permitted to work as a TCP on our province’s roads.     

WorkplaceNL's Traffic Control Person (TCP) Certification Training Standard establishes criteria for TCP training providers and trainers. 

TCP training providers must apply and be approved by WorkplaceNL to deliver TCP certification training.   

The delivery of training prepares the TCP to perform traffic control in a safe and competent manner by providing them with the knowledge and skills to work safely, consistent with industry and legislative standards.  

Traffic Control Person (TCP) Certification Training has an expiry date of 3 years, upon which the course must be completed again for renewal.  

For further information, contact WorkplaceNL at 709.778.1552, toll-free: 1.800.563.9000.