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Priority Employer Program


Employers with high injury costs (determined based on an actuarial analysis) are considered a priority employer with the Commission. The Prevention Services Department matches priority employers with Commission health and safety advisors. The aim is to reduce injuries at these workplaces.

The Priority Employer Program process:

  • The Commission sends the firm’s senior management a letter to inform them of their inclusion in the program;
  • Following the letter, a member of our health and safety field staff calls the firm to schedule a meeting to discuss the merits of the program;
  • At the meeting, Commission representatives explain how the program works, including the benefits to the employer (both health and safety and financial), and asks the employer to commit to the program;
  • When an employer agrees to participate, they receive health and safety consultations from the Commission’s field staff. The field staff work with the employer for as long as it takes, using all its available tools and resources to help reduce and prevent injuries at that workplace;
  • The employer receives a quarterly progress report; and 
  • The employer and Commission staff regularly discuss caseloads and track monthly performance. They also discuss interventions as needed.