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OH&S Program


Workplaces that have ten or more workers must have an occupational health and safety program in place. The program must be in writing and developed in consultation with the OH&S committee.  We regularly offer information sessions on the various elements of an OH&S program. To inquire about upcoming sessions or to speak to someone about setting up a program, call 709-778-1552. Having the foundation of an OH&S porgram in place is one of the requirements of PRIME, our employer incentive program.

Key elements of an OH&S program:

  1. Leadership and Administration,
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Committees,
  3. Education and Training,
  4. Communication,
  5. Safe Work Practices and Procedures,
  6. Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control,
  7. Workplace Inspections,
  8. Accident/Incident Investigations,
  9. Emergency Preparedness,
  10. Disability Management; and
  11. Ergonomics should be incorporated into each element of the program.

OH&S program requirements:

  • Statement of the employer’s commitment to cooperate with the OH&S committee and workers,
  • Statement of responsibilities for occupational health and safety,
  • Procedures to identify the need for, and preparation of safe work practices and procedures,
  • A plan for orienting and training workers and supervisors in safe work practices,
  • Provision for establishing and operating an OH&S committee,
  • A system for recognizing, evaluating and controlling hazards,
  • A plan for controlling biological and chemical hazards,
  • A system to ensure contractors comply with the program,
  • An emergency response plan,
  • Up-to-date OH&S records and statistics; and 
  • A provision for monitoring the program’s implementation and effectiveness.