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Workplace noise is one of the most common occupational health hazards. It can affect anyone exposed to too much noise . If you have to raise your voice to be understood by someone standing nearby, it is probably too loud.

Know how to protect your hearing. If you’re not sure, get an assessment conducted at your workplace.

Worksafe BC have a number of resources such as How Loud Is It? - A series of handouts listing typical noise exposures in a variety of industries, as well as off the job noise levels.

The following link provides access to all resources related to noise from Worksafe BC.


Worksafe BC has a 17 minute video discussing the effects of noise on hearing.:

Noise related CSA Standards

To access the following standards related to noise click on this link.

  • CSA Z94.2 Hearing Protection Devices – Performances, Selection, Care and Use
  • CSA Z107.5 Procedures for the Measurement of Occupational Noise Exposure
  • CSA Z107.4-M86 Pure Tone Conduction Audiometers for Hearing Conservation and for Screening