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Health and Safety Audit


The Commission’s Prevention Department performs workplace health and safety audits if:

  • requested by an employer;
  • there has been a referral from the OHS Division of Service NL;
  • the firm has been identified as a priority employer; or
  • a need for injury surveillance has been established.

Once the need for an audit is established, a health and safety advisor is assigned. The advisor collects and reviews data on the employer’s health and safety history and calls the employer to request an initial meeting.

During the meeting, the employer can share information about the workplace and learn about the Commission’s prevention services. If the employer agrees to an audit, a date for a briefing on the audit process is established. From there, the audit is scheduled.

The audit generally takes one to two days to complete. It consists of reviewing health and safety- related documentation, interviewing selected staff and touring the workplace. The audit covers the 10 areas of an OHS program:

  1. Leadership and administration
  2. Hazard identification, assessment and controls
  3. Safe job practices and procedures
  4. Education and training
  5. Workplace inspections
  6. Occupational health and safety committee
  7. Accident/incident investigations
  8. Communications
  9. Emergency preparedness
  10. Disability management
When the audit is complete, the Commission sends a report to the employer outlining observations and recommendations. During a follow-up meeting, the advisor and employer work together to establish priorities and develop an action plan.

The Commission stays involved throughout the process and sends quarterly progress reports to the employer. A year later, the advisor will conduct a repeat audit to assess improvements. The audit life-cycle continues until:
  • Significant progress has been attained;
  • The firm is able to conduct health and safety audits independently;
  • The employer declines further services; and
  • The advisor requests a discontinuation.