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Public Advisory: Safe driving in strong wind and rain
Thursday, July 12, 2018


St. John’s, NL – Given today’s forecast of heavy wind and rain due to a post-tropical storm system for the eastern half of the island portion of the province, WorkplaceNL reminds all motorists to be extra cautious when driving.    

Motorists are encouraged to use these safe driving techniques:

  • Keep your attention on the road and remove distractions. Severe weather demands your undivided attention while driving, turn down the radio and do not use your phone. 
  • Slow down to avoid hydroplaning or losing control during high gusts of wind. 
  • Turn on your lights so other drivers can see you. 
  • Give other vehicles more space. Add at least two extra seconds of following time so you have more time to react to changes in traffic. 
  • Pull off the road and stop in a safe place if the rain or winds become too heavy to drive safely. 
  • Prepare for your drive by checking the latest forecast before you leave. 

For thousands of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, driving a taxi, bus, transport truck or other vehicle is their workplace. Severe weather is a significant workplace hazard for these drivers. The use of safe driving practices will reduce the risk of serious injury or death for everyone driving on our roadways.    

For more information on safe work practices, contact WorkplaceNL at 709.778.1000, 1.800.563.9000 or workplacenl.ca.    

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