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WorkplaceNL committed to alternate service delivery during postal service disruption
Tuesday, July 12, 2016

WorkplaceNL has taken steps to minimize inconvenience to our clients and service providers during any possible disruption in mail services in Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Payments issued via direct deposit will not be affected.  

All injured workers, employers and vendors/service providers who receive payments from WorkplaceNL, are strongly encouraged to register now for direct deposit if they have not already done so. You may do so by submitting a completed Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. This will ensure that you receive payments without interruption or delay. 

We will continue to ensure safe and secure delivery of benefits payments and essential services to injured workers. Direct deposit is the preferred method to avoid interruption in receiving payments, and alternate delivery methods will be implemented should a disruption in postal service occur. Injured workers should call their case manager if they have any questions.  

We will continue to use Canada Post as long as the dispute does not impact Newfoundland and Labrador postal services.  

Anyone submitting a time-sensitive form may use the fax number provided on the form or bring the form to one of our offices. Employers and service providers are encouraged to use our online connect services to submit forms and other information to WorkplaceNL.  

WorkplaceNL will monitor the situation, and further information for clients and service providers will be posted to workplacenl.ca as required.

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