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Game Show celebrates six years of safety education for youth
Monday, November 18, 2013

St. John’s – The most popular youth game show in Newfoundland and Labrador is launching its sixth season Tuesday, November 19 at 11:15 am, in Summerford, when New World Island Academy hosts Riverwood Academy of Wing’s Point.  SAFE Work NL’s – Who Wants to Save a Life? is a TV-style trivia game show for junior and senior high school students, with scholarships and prizes available for the schools and students.   

SAFE Work NL’s – Who Wants to Save a Life?, initiated by the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission (the Commission) in 2008, creates an engaging, educational experience related to workplace health and safety and to prevent workplace accidents among young workers.  

"The show has proven to be an effective educational tool for raising awareness about workplace safety amongst our province’s youth,” said Commission Chief Executive Officer Leslie Galway. “Over the past five years, the number of young workers injured on the job has decreased 30 per cent. This reduction in injuries is evidence that young workers are engaged in preventing injuries in the workplace.”  

SAFE Work NL’s – Who Wants to Save a Life? is hosted by Newfoundland and Labrador actor Rory Lambert and produced by Ric Barela.  

Since its initial season in 2008, over 25,000 students have participated in the game show, from over 100 schools. For more information on SAFE Work NL’s – Who Wants to Save a Life? visit www.safeworknl.com.

In addition to the game show, the Commission supports many youth-oriented programs to promote awareness of workplace health and safety. Other initiatives include the high school course Workplace 3220, as well as the annual video and radio contest.  

Young workers are now leading our province in reducing workplace injuries. The lost-time incidence rate for young workers has consistently fallen from 2.0 per 100 workers in 2008, to 1.4 per 100 workers in 2012. This rate is lower than the provincial lost-time incident rate of 1.6 per 100 workers for 2012.  

Serving approximately 12,000 injured workers and more than 19,000 employers, the Commission is an employer-funded, no fault insurance system that promotes safe and healthy workplaces, provides return-to-work programs and offers fair compensation to injured workers and their dependents.  

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Carla Riggs
Director of Communications
Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission
Telephone: 709-778-1590 or 709-728-7869
Toll Free: 1-800-563-9000
email: carla.riggs@whscc.nl.ca

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