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Toll-free fax for submitting the physiotherapist's report 8/10

Physiotherapy is a health care profession which focuses on the prevention or alleviation of movement dysfunction. Physiotherapists provide preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic services aimed at maximizing an individual’s functional abilities, preventing or alleviating disability, maintaining function and minimizing deterioration. Physiotherapists promote early intervention, facilitate early and safe return to work, and empower clients to maximize their quality of life through the realization of their movement potential.  

In the case of new injuries, an injured worker may be referred to a physiotherapist by their family physician; alternately, he/she may contact a clinic directly, provided presentation to the clinic is within two weeks from the date of injury. The Commission only covers physiotherapy treatment provided by clinics who have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Commission, so it is important to confirm this when booking your appointment. The Commission will automatically approve 12 initial physiotherapy treatments for new injuries. For injuries that are greater than 2 weeks duration, a physician referral is required prior to initiation of physiotherapy services.

If an injured worker experiences a return of symptoms within 12 months of returning to work or being considered capable of work, and has applied for a reinstatement of benefits, the Commission automatically approves six physiotherapy sessions, provided the worker presents to the physiotherapy clinic within two weeks of notifying the Commission regarding the return of symptoms. As in the case of new injuries, a physician referral will be required once duration from the date of reinstatement is greater than 2 weeks.

If an injured worker experiences a return of disabling symptoms after 12 months of returning to work or being considered capable of work (a recurrence), a physician referral is always required and prior approval must be obtained by the Commission before starting treatment. 

If a purchase order is provided by the Commission for physiotherapy treatment and the claim is subsequently denied, the clinic will be notified and no further treatments will be authorized by the Commission beyond that date.   

All purchase orders for physiotherapy treatments expire after 90 days. If authorized treatments have not been used within that timeframe, sessions provided beyond 90 days will not be covered by the Commission.

In addition to the provision of physiotherapy services, physiotherapists may recommend health care devices to assist with rehabilitation, recovery and return to work. When recommending these devices, physiotherapists may complete either the health care device form or the PR form. If the device is recommended using the PR form, the physiotherapist must include a rationale in Box 11 (Additional Comments section) of the PR form.

The Commission only covers services provided by clinics that have signed the current Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Commission. Reporting requirements and fees payable for services will be provided in accordance with the MOA. 

In addition to having a MOA, the Commission works closely with physiotherapy providers through a liaison committee. The purpose of this committee is to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of issues related to the physiotherapy services provided to the Commission.

Policies and Procedures

To contact the Health Care Services division, phone 1-800-563-9000, ext. 1108 or (709) 778-1108.