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Return-to-Work Planning

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3. Return to Work Plan Element - Return to Work Planning

You must establish a Planning Protocol that:

  • Is done in accordance with the section 89 of the Act (refer to Policy RE-02 “The Goal of Early and Safe and the Role of the Parties ”) and section 89.1 (refer to Policy RE-05 “Re-employment Obligation”) Your protocol must:
  • Outline the steps to be followed from the time of injury to the completion of return-to-work and reflect Policy RE-18 (Hierarchy of Return-to-Work and Accommodation).
  • Be supported by using the appropriate forms such as the Early and Safe Return-to-Work Plan or alternate form acceptable to the Commission to ensure that workers are involved in the development of the return-to-work plan.
  • Indicate that confidential information is protected (refer to Policy RE-03 “Functional Abilities Information for return-to-work”).
  • Demonstrate that employer communicates with the Commission as required by section 89 of the Act.