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Householder Coverage

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Householder coverage is non-compulsory coverage that can be applied for by a private individual when hiring other individuals to do work in or around the householder’s residence, in accordance with the following terms:
  • premiums for the period of coverage must be paid in full at the time of application;
  • coverage is in effect from the date of receipt of the application and payment and approval by the Commission or from the coverage date requested in the application, whichever is latest;
  • coverage automatically expires on December 31 of each year, or on the date specified on the application, whichever comes first;
  • Coverage is only extended for the worker(s) listed on the householder coverage application form;
  • In the event of a work-related injury, proof of earnings must be submitted with a claim for lost-time benefits. Coverage benefits will be based on the actual amount of earnings loss, but in no case will exceed the amount of coverage requested or the maximum compensable earnings specified by the Act;
  • the minimum period of coverage is 28 days;
  • the minimum coverage for this period is $920.64;
  • the maximum coverage is the maximum compensable earnings as specified by the Act (e.g., for 2019 the maximum compensable is $65,600 per year per worker or $1,261.54 per week);
  • the maximum period of coverage is January 1 to December 31; and
  • there is a non-refundable minimum assessment of $50.
To obtain householder coverage