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Managing Your Account


It's important that we maintain accurate information about each firm. By having the right information, we are able to calculate fair and accurate assessment rates, and communicate with employers about issues and opportunities that affect their firm. Therefore, employers are responsible to notify WorkplaceNL of any changes to their operations throughout the year, including:

  • Payroll estimate: If you hire additional workers or extend your workers employment periods, you must advise us in writing of your revised payroll estimate and ask us to revise your deferred payment plan if you have one. Failure to update your estimate may result in an underestimating penalty when you file your Employer Payroll Statement.
  • Changes to the business activities you conduct:  Any change to your business activities may affect your classification and base rate.
  • Restructuring:  If your business has incorporated, non-incorporated or restructured in any way, it may change your reporting requirements.
  • Changes to your mailing/site addresses or telephone numbers:  It is important that we have accurate contact information so you are kept informed about your account.
  • Contacts:  You are asked to provide contact information for various purposes. If any of these individuals leave your organization, provide the name of the new person who will be filling that role. Otherwise, these individuals can continue to access or obtain information on your account.
  • Change of ownership: If your business has been purchased or transferred to a new owner, or if you are the new owner, you should inform WorkplaceNL.
  • Closing your operation: If your firm ceases operations, you should contact WorkplaceNL as soon as possible. You will have to report your firm’s actual payroll, from January 1 of the current year to the date operations ceased and we will adjust your assessment accordingly. We may send an auditor to review your accounting records so that final adjustments can be made to the account. If your actual payroll is less than originally estimated, you may be entitled to a refund.