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Web Service for Employers: ESRTW plans on-line

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Employers who complete early and safe return-to-work (ESRTW) plans can complete and submit these plans through connect. This web service will improve the information and data collected for ESRTW and help manage the work-to-recover process. This new web service also meets the Commission’s commitment to offer more on-line service to our clients.

The paper ESRTW form was re-designed last year to improve the information collected and help manage the work-to-recover process. Here are some features of the ESRTW web service:

  • Employers can submit forms at their convenience and forms submitted through the web are complete and more accurate, thus reducing follow-up.
  • A copy of the submitted form is saved in the connect system for easy access.
  • Employers are prompted with specific questions so that critical ESRTW data is captured to facilitate the return to pre-injury process. 
  • Employers confirm on the form that the worker has participated in the development of the ESRTW plan. 
  • A checkbox has been added to confirm worker involvement – the checkbox replaces the worker signature and will reduce delays associated with workers who are physically separated from supervisors/employers responsible for ESRTW plans.
  • The new form will facilitate a more timely submission to the Commission and ensure the work-to-recover process involves the worker and employer.
  • The changes to the form – both paper and web – will provide more information to assist the Commission ensure that the ESRTW progress is occurring.

If your organization has a connect account, contact your Employer Administrator to get access to this new service.

If you don’t know if your organization has a connect account, call 1-800-563-9000 and an Information Officer will provide additional information on the new web service. They can also help you sign up for a connect account.