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This page includes selected reports on incidents reported to the WHSCC or other regulatory bodies. These reports are intended to help employers and workers understand the causes and underlying factors that contribute to workplace accidents. This information may help you prevent similar accidents in your workplace.

The WHSCC is a no-fault insurer of workplace accidents. These alerts should in no way be seen to be assigning blame to workers or employers.

Personal, identifying information has been removed from the reports to protect privacy.

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Cut finger   
Equipment fell, injuring leg   
Fell from ladder   
Slipped on ice   
Burned hand   
Slipped on wet floor   
Fell from ladder   
Slipped on ice   
Injured Back   
Injured finger   
Injured knee   
Pinned against railing   
Sprained back   
Chemicals in eyes   
Cut finger with knife   
Slipped and fell   
Allergic reaction   
Slipped on ice   
Cut hand on wire   
Fell from scaffolding   
Tripped and fell, injuring hip   
Hot liquid burned hand   
Slipped on ice injuring neck and back   
Slip and fall while off loading furniture   
Injured hand while cutting meat   
Fell injuring arm, back and chest   
Equipment fell, injuring hand   
Lifting heavy object   
Cutting steel and injured eye   
Injured while assisting client   
Heavy equipment fell injuring worker   
Cut finger cutting vegetables   
Slipped and fell on black ice   
Injured ankle getting out of truck   
Injured shoulder while replacing brakes   
Fell off ladder   
Box fell   
Fell on debris   
Cut finger   
Injured finger on truck   
Injured shoulder when lifting   
Stepped on nail   
Strained back   
Cut hand   
Equipment fell on leg   
Chemicals splashed into eye   
Strained wrist   
Injured finger   
Equipment slipped and fell   
Slipped and twisted back   
Slipped and injured ankle   
Pipe fell injuring foot   
Fell from a height   
Bumped head and cut their head   
Cut thumb when operating table saw   
Cut hand   
Hit by forklift   
Slipped on floor   
Fall, injuring ankle   
Equipment fell from overhead   
Tripped and fell   
Fall from height   
Descending ladder and missed steps   
Knife slipped and cut finger   
Slipped and fell in parking lot   
Slipped on wet floor   
Employee injured hand operating a table saw   
Employee hit by moving vehicle   
Slipped when lifting an appliance   
Lifting boxes   
Slipped and fell on ice   
Debris in eye   
Cut hand   
Fell off ladder   
Cutting shingles and cut thumb   
Twisted leg   
Debris in eye   
Cut wrist while cutting materials   
Moving materials and injured arm   
Employee slipped and fell   
Knife slipped and cut hand   
Injured ankle stepping off forklift   
Employee slips climbing a ladder   
Boards fell injuring foot   
Hand injured in conveyor belt   
Torch fell and burned leg   
Loading truck and injured back   
Injured back while unloading freight   
Slipped on water and hurt back   
Sawing wood and blade struck finger   
Face burns when fixing equipment   
Burned hand on pot   
Hand slipped and caught in drill bit   
Nail hit eye   
Fell and cut head   
Lifting equipment   
Cut finger   
Twisted ankle   
Fell down stairs   
Strapping equipment on truck   
Opening container with knife   
Twisted back while climbing   
Slipped on ice   
Lifting equipment   
Twisted foot   
Welding tool slipped   
Slipped and fell on ice   
Box fell off filing cabinet   
Opening container and cut hand   
Slipped and twisted ankle   
Debris entered eye   
Twisted knee   
Worker slipped and fell   
Lifting boxes   
Slipped and fell   
Fell off ladder   
Debris entered eye   
Reaching overhead   
Worker fell on steps   
Scaffolding fell   
Spilled hot liquuid   
Cleaning up broken glass   
Nail gun slipped   
Reaching to get supplies   
Slipped on wet floor   
Steel entered eye   
Twisted foot   
Steel beam rolled jamming workers finger   
Equipment fell off cabinet hitting worker   
Ladder slipped and worker fell   
Slipped and injured back   
Twisted ankle descending a ladder   
Drove nail through thumb   
Arm burn   
Slipped and fell   
Worker hit in head   
Worker hit with a spring   
Employee fell   
Slipped on steps   
Hurt back while lifting   
Wrench slipped   
Welding and debris entered eye   
Lifting cylinders   
Cutting insulation   
Removing panels from walls   
Door closed on hand   
Hit head with door   
Cut with sander   
Injured back while lifting boxes   
Struck head   
Cut finger   
Injury while laying flooring   
Equipment fell from truck   
Slipped and fell   
Fell down stairs   
Nail puncture   
Cut finger with knife   
Debris in eye   
Cart tipped, striking worker   
Hurt back when lifting boxes   
Liquid spill   
Dust entered worker's eye   
Jammed fingers   
Injured when performing patient care   
Drill stuck, causing injury   
Lifting furniture   
Fall from scaffold   
Grinder kick back   
Injury during food preparation   
Slipped on ice   
Leg cut by piece of metal   
Rear-ended by driver   
Grease splash   
Hurt back carrying boxes   
Fell off ladder   
Fell on slippery surface   
Top heavy shelf   
Injured hand using drill   
Injured arm during a fall   
Injury to neck and shoulder from falling boxes   
Back injury while lifting   
Oil leak - eye injury   
Slipped on ice   
Tripped over cord and fell   
Injuries sustained from falling ice   
Shoulder and neck injury   
Cut thumb with skill saw