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Construction Zone, Slow Down!


Every day, thousands of road construction workers in our province are depending on you to drive responsibly and keep them safe in a construction zone.

These road construction workers do their part to keep you out of harm’s way from heavy equipment and road hazards. However, they are vulnerable to passing traffic or distracted drivers. There is literally nothing between them and the thousands of pounds of steel in your vehicle. Please, do your part to keep them safe.

When you see road construction signs or workers wearing high visibility vests on the roadside remember to:

Slow down. Obey the signs and directions.

Stay alert. Do not use your phone, text or take pictures.

Show respect for those working on the road.


Everyone deserves to go home safely to their families and friends at the end of the day. Please slow down, stay alert and show respect for those making improvements to our roadways and infrastructure – for their sake, and yours.

The Commission, RCMP, RNC, Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Safety Association, and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador have partnered to bring you this safety campaign.

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