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Board and Executive


Board of Directors



 John Peddle

Worker Representatives Employer Representatives Public Representatives
Vacant Victoria Belbin  Paula Corcoran-Jacobs
Jerry Vink  David Loveys  Pat Whalen
Greg Pretty Gregory Viscount Patsy S. Coish-Snow

Ex-Officio Members


Chief Executive Officer

ADM, Service NL

 Dennis Hogan

 Julian McCarthy

 Senior Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer Dennis Hogan
Chief Financial and Information Officer Paul Kavanagh
Executive Director, Worker Services Tom Mahoney
Executive Director, Employer Services Brian Delaney
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Ann Martin
Director, Human Resources Glenda Peet
Director, Communications Carla Riggs
Executive Assistant Helen Kavanagh


 Public Sector Compensation Disclosure


 As per the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, WorkplaceNL’s compensation list is included 
 on the Human Resource Secretariat website.