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Mine Rescue Certification Training

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The objectives of mine rescue are to find and rescue trapped miners, find and extinguish fires and examine mines for noxious gases.  Those involved in the high-risk occupation of mining must be prepared to respond should an emergency occur and take the necessary precautions required to ensure worker safety. 

Section 541 of the Newfoundland and Labrador Occupational Health and Safety Regulations states that an employer at an underground place of employment shall, “require that workers attend training courses in mine rescue work as prescribed by the Commission.”

There are minimum standards for Mine Rescue Certification Training which mining operations must meet in all underground workplaces where employees are expected to carry out work and includes areas where mining is to take place, any exploration drilling/sampling activities, any tunnels, adits, ramps and shafts/structures.

For more information on mine rescue call the Prevention Department at: 778.1552.