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Approved Fall Protection Training Providers


Listed by order of date approved

Atlantic Safety Centre ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Contact: Pamela Evans
Email: pevans@atlanticsafetycentre.com     
1200 Kenmount Road
Paradise, NL A1L 1N3 
Tel: 709-576-7233
Fax: 576-1409

Newfoundland and Labrador Construction (2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Safety Association
John Ratcliff
80 Glencoe Drive, Mount Pearl, NL A1N 4S9
Tel: 709-739-7000 Fax: 709-739-7001
Website: info@nlcsa.com     

Rogers Enterprises Ltd.
(2 Day and 1 Day Re certification) Contact: Bruce Rogers
10 Maverick Place, Octagon Business Park
Paradise, NL A1L 0J1
Tel: 709-753-8002
Website: info@safetyexperts.ca     

DMC/Innu DMC.(2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Contact: Gabriela Victoria
Email:  Gaby@dmconsulting.ca
47 Beclin Road
Mount Pearl, NL  A1N 5G4
Phone: 709.364.3900, ext. 110; Toll Free: 877.709.3359
Facsimile: 709.364.3910
Website: www.dmconsulting.ca  

Dexter Institute (2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Contact: Reuben Hillier
Email: dinl@dexter.ca     
P.O. Box 484
Labrador City, NL A2V 2K7
Tel: 709-944-3376 Fax: 709-944-3608
Website: http://www.dexter.ca/ 

Dexter Institute (2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Contact: Reuben Hillier
Email: dinl@dexter.ca
114 Hamilton River Road
PO Box 1149, Stn. "C"
Happy Valley Goose Bay, NL
A0P 1C0
Tel: 709-896-0055
Website: http://www.dexter.ca  

Hightek Fall Protection Inc. ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Contact: Stephen Pike
Email: stephen@hightek.ca    
P. O. Box 29115
St. John's, NL A1A 5B5
Phone: 709-682-2104
Fax: 709-368-7797
Website: http://www.hightek.ca/      

Puglisevich Crews and Services Ltd. (formerly Puglisevich NSL or Petrell HSE Technologies)
( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Wanda Whelan
Email: wanda.whelan@puglisevich.com     
611 Torbay Rd. Suite 1
St. John's, NL A1A 5J1
Tel: (709) 722-2744 ext 233
Fax: (709) 722-3208 
Website: http://www.puglisevich.com  

Technical Rope & Rescue Inc. (2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Colin LeGrow Cell: 709-699-3452
Email: trr@trr.ca      
Training Complex Address:
422 Logy Bay Road
St. John's, NL A1A 5C6
Business Address
1155 Bauline Line
Bauline NL A1K 1E7 
Tel: 709-335-2325 Fax: 709-335-2233
Website: http://www.trr.ca                 

Carpenters Millwrights College ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Tracey Jenkins (Program Coordinator)
89 McNamara Drive, PO Box 3040
Paradise, NL A1L 3W2
Tel: 709-364-5586 ext 261
Fax: 364-5587
Email: tjenkins@cmcnl.ca 
Website: www.cmcnl.ca 

Carpenter Millwright Trades College
(2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
1000 Sackville Drive
Sackville, NS B4E 0C2
Tel: 1-902-252-3553

Operating Engineers College
Email: oec@oecollege.ca      
PO Box 389
Holyrood, NL A0A 2R0
Tel: 709-229-6464
Website: www.oecollege.ca     

Boilermakers Industrial Training Centre Inc. ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re Certification)
Contact: Corina Woodford
Email: cwoodford@boilermaker.ca     
309 Main Highway
Holyrood NL A0A 2R0
Tel: 709-229-7958
Fax: 709-229-7300

BAC Masonry College ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re Certification)
Contact: Krista Kelly-Cox
Email: info@masonrycollege.com
631 Conception Bay Highway 
Conception Bay South, NL A1X 7L4
Tel: 709-834-4085
Fax: 709-738-2431
Website: www.masonrycollege.com 

Marine Institute (2 Day and 1 Day Re Certification)
P.O. Box 4920
St. John’s, NL
A1C 5R3
709-834-2076 ext. 225
709-834-2076 ext 280

Marine Institute Lewisporte Centre
Contact: Alicia Anderson
82 Premier Drive
Lewisporte, NL A0G 3A0
Tel: (709) 535-6076 

Ironworkers Education & Training Co Inc.  (2 Day and 1 Day Re Certification)
38 Sagona Avenue
Mount Pearl, Nl
A1N 4R3 
709-747-2111 ext. 228

UA Training Center ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re Certification)
Contact: Bruce Gillingham
Email: bgillingham@ualocal740.ca       
48 Sagona Avenue
P.O. Box 216
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 2C2

Safety Services Newfoundland Labrador(2 Day and 1 Day Re Certification)
Contact: Christina Marshall CRSP
Email: info@safetyservicesnl.ca      
1076 Topsail Road
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 5E7
Phone: 709-754-0210 Toll free: 1-877-754-0210
Fax: 709-754-0010
Website: http://www.safetyservicesnl.ca      

Marine Institute Safety and Emergency Response Training (SERT) Centre (2 Day and 1 Day Re Certification)
Marine Institute
7 Tennessee Drive
Stephenville, NL A2N 2Y3
Contact: Janice Murphy, Administrative Officer
Tel: 709-643-5550 Ext. 230
College of the North Atlantic (2 Day and 1 Day Re Certification)

Vanessa Jackman
Bay St. George
Deborah Jennings

Vanessa Jackman

Baie Verte
Denis Dumont
Crystal Seward
Corner Brook
Shelly Buffett
Cindy Morrissey

Judy Dobson
Grand Falls-Windsor
Judy Dobson

Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Holly Callahan
Labrador West
Janet Bradley

Port Aux Basques
Fonse Pittman
Cindy Morrissey
Prince Philip Drive
Brian Hicks
St. Anthony
Terry Taylor
709-454-3559 (ext 234)
Seal Cove Campus
Darrin Fitzpatrick

Global Safety Services
Dean Coles
P.O. Box 230
Cow Head, NL A0K 2A0
Tel: 709- 660-6816

Contact: Dave Loder/Dean Coles
P.O. Box 3158
Rural Route # 2
Corner Brook, NL A2H 6B9
Tel: 709-783-3368
Website: www.globalsafetyservices.com   
Email: info@globalsafetyservices.com      

HSE Integrated
Darin Rendell
21 Dundee Avenue
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 4R6
Tel: 709-739-6490 Fax: 709-368-6464
GTC Safety Training & Consulting Services ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Contact: Garry Chislett, CRSP
P.O. Box 234
St. John's, NL, A1S 1G4
Tel: 709-682-1910

Contact: Nancy Hensley
Unit 1, 9 Allston Street
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 0A3
Tel: 709-754-4146
Cell: 709-765-8991
Fax: 709-754-4194
Email: nhensley@toalltech.com

Keyin College ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
P.O. Box 13606, Station A
44 Austin Street
St. John's, NL A1B 4G1
Tel: 709-579-1061
Fax: 709-579-6002

JJTA Safety Consulting( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
35 Seascape Drive
Paradise, NL
Contact: John Hapgood
Tel: 709-690-3374
Email: allycat66@icloud.com 

Local 1588 Training Center
24 Cossitt Heights Drive
Sydney, N.S.  B1P 7E8
Tel:  902-562-5130
Fax: 902 562-8678
Email:  hgrant@acrc.ca

Lyall's Safety Training
Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Contact: Clayton Lyall
Phone: 896-9080
Email: lyall973@hotmail.com 

Carpenters Local 1588 Training Center
Contact: Lorne Carabin
24 Cossitt Heights Drive
Sydney, Nova Scotia B1P 7E8
Tel: 902-562-1773
Email: lcarabin@acrc.ca

Academy Canada
Contact: Kristy White
25 Park Drive
Corner Brook, NL A2H 4T4
Tel: (709) 637-2130
Fax: (709) 637-2139
Email: kwhite@academycanada.com
Website: www.academycanada.com

Maritime Environmental Training Institue (M.E.T.I.)
Contact: Suzin Burchell, Training Coordinator/Student Services Advisor
301 Alexandra Street
Sydney, NS B1S 2E8
Tel: (902) 539-9766
Toll Free 1-877-800-6384
Fax: 902-567-1029
Website: www.metiatlantic.com

Safety Training Our Priority Inc. (STOP)( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
Contact: James Pike
email:    jim@safetytrainingnl.ca 
105 Conception Bay Highway
PO Box 149
Holyrood, NL A0A 2R0
Website: http://www.safetytrainingnl.ca/  
Tel.  709 229 1918
Fax  709 229 1931

Sleipnir Lift Management
43 Sagona Ave
Mount Pearl, NL  A1N 4P9
Contact: Ms. Myda Egrmajer, Administrator
Tel: (709) 753 8555
Fax: (709) 753 6961
Email: megrmajer@sleipnirlogistics.com
Website: http://www.sleipnirlogistics.com/

Contact: Beverley Drobot
Hazmasters Inc.
225 Watt Street
Winnipeg, MB  R2L 1S6
Toll Free: 888-512-1515 | Office: 204-633-1700 | Cell: 204-223-1001
bev.drobot@hazmasters.com | http://www.hazmasters.com/

IBEW College( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
1082 Thorburn Road
Portugal Cove / St. Phillips, NL A1M 1V8
Tel: 709-895-3764
Fax: 709-895-3790
Email: info@ibew.nf.ca
Website: www.ibew.nf.ca

Falck Safety Services Canada ( 2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
35 Beclin Road, Suite 101
Mount Pearl, NL A1N 5G4
Tel: 709-579-7878
Fax: 709-221-7880
Email: diana.guy@ca.falcksafety.com
Website: www.falck.ca

Titan Training & Consulting
15 Erica Avenue
Conception Bay South, NL A1X 0H1
Tel: (709) 730-9430
Email: titanforsafety@gmail.com

Echo Safety Training & Consulting Inc. (2 Day and 1 Day Re certification)
P.O. Box 207
Holyrood, NL   A0A 2R0
Contact:  David Healey
Tel: (709) 685-7197
Email:  echosafety16@gmail.com

Well Control Group NL

80 Clyde Avenue
Mount Pearl, NL  A1A 4S2
Tel: (709) 368-9355
Email: training@wellcontrolgroup.com