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Vision, Mission and Values


WorkplaceNL provides services to employers, injured workers and dependents, and the public through the administration of the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Act (the Act).

These services include the promotion of workplace health and safety in order to prevent and reduce workplace injuries and occupational disease. WorkplaceNL also ensures injured workers receive the best care possible and benefits to which they are entitled, recover from their injuries and return to work in an early and safe manner. In addition, WorkplaceNL must also ensure adequate funding for services through sound financial management.

The vision of WorkplaceNL is of safe and healthy workplaces within a viable and sustainable insurance system which reduces the impact of workplace injuries by providing the highest level of service to workers and employers.


  • Client Service
    Each individual will provide accessible and timely service in the delivery of WorkplaceNL's programs to our clients.
  • Safety
    Each individual will take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of coworkers and others in the workplace.
  • Compassion
    Each individual will treat each other and those they serve truthfully, fairly and with care and empathy.
  • Leadership
    Each individual will perform their roles and responsibilities and will work towards being a recognized leader in their position; and each individual will initiate and promote improvements in how they serve others and work together.
  • Teamwork
    Each individual will support each other and work collaboratively to ensure WorkplaceNL fulfills its mandate.
  • Accountability
    Each individual will be responsible for their actions and performance to help WorkplaceNL achieve its mandate.