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Health and Safety Educator Award



The Health and Safety Educator Award as outlined in WorkplaceNL's Strategic Plan for Young Workers is awarded annually to an educator who has demonstrated a commitment to the promotion and advancement of young worker health and safety. The closing date for nominations for the award is April 16, 2019.


The teacher or administrator is someone who:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to creating a culture of safety for Newfoundland and Labrador youth
  • Directly promotes health and safety when instructing students
  • Uses external speakers, employers and other organizations or individuals with health and safety expertise to advocate health and safety for youth
  • Takes an active role in being a strong advocate of health and safety for youth and others within the school and leads by example

Nomination Process

  • Nominations will be accepted from the Department of Education, school districts, peers, students and WorkplaceNL.
Nominations are now closed.

Health and Safety Educators

2016/2017 – Mr. John Goldsworthy – St. Kevin’s High School

2015 - Mr. Wilson Warren – All Saints All Grade 

2014 - Mr. Brian Hancock, Indian River High School

2013 - Mr. Joe Santos, O’Donel High School

2012 - Mr. Robert Smith, Bishops College

2011 - Mr. Fraser Drover, Menihek High School