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Reporting a Workplace Incident/Injury


What is a work injury?

A workplace injury is one that:

  • happens at work, on company property or on company business;
  • requires medical treatment; and
  • may or may not require time away from work.

We suggest you take the following actions to support your worker’s recovery and to ensure they receive workers’ compensation benefits, if needed, without delay.

  • When you are first notified of the injury, and are confident the worker has received the necessary care, collect details about the incident. Note what happened, where it happened and the names of people who saw the incident;
  • Advise your worker to tell their doctor this incident occurred at the workplace and to get copies of the appropriate paperwork: physician’s report (MD) or chiropractor’s report (8/10c) or physio report PR. Your injured worker will need to provide you with copies of these reports. The doctor will submit their copy of the form 8/10 directly to WorkplaceNL;
  • You must complete an injury report - employer's (7) and submit it to WorkplaceNL within three days to avoid a penalty;
  • Your worker is responsible for completing an injury report - worker's (6) and submitting it to WorkplaceNL as quickly as possible; and
  • When we receive your injury report - employer's (7) , the Injury report - worker's (6) and the physician's report MD, an intake adjudicator will review the claim to determine if your injured worker qualifies for compensation.

Please Note: Recurrences of previous workplace injuries are reported on the form 6 and form 7.

If the claim is accepted, the injured worker will receive written notification outlining any entitlement they may have to compensation benefits (wage-loss benefits) and other general information. If the claim is denied, the injured worker will receive written notification giving reasons for denial and outlining their right to appeal. Both you and your worker have the right to ask for an internal review of any decision.

If you have claim costs, WorkplaceNL produces a monthly PRIME Status Report for employers who have requested access to their claim cost information.  These reports include not only claim cost information but also your current experience range.  

If you are receiving these cost reports in the mail but would like to view them on the web, you can register for connect, WorkplaceNL’s web service.  If you are registered for connect, these reports are no longer mailed and you can only view this report online.  If your organization has claim costs but you are not receiving any cost reports, you can request this information by completing and forwarding the Claim Cost Authorization Form.